HR båt / HR boats

HR Båt – an all-Swedish boat brand 

When you choose an HR boat, you choose Swedish quality and safety. HR Boat has 13 different boat models, everything from the small, easy-to-maintain rowing boat to a fast-moving and comfortable day cruiser. HR båtarna is an all-Swedish boat brand that is both developed and manufactured at the facility in Laxå and sold via retailers in Sweden, Norway and Denmark.

HR boats - Background

HR Boat Sweden, also known as Höga Rodd, is an all-Swedish company that has been manufacturing and selling rowing, steering console and cabin boats since the mid-70s.

The company currently has 22 employees and manufactures 13 different models, each of which in its own way fits the requirements and wishes you as a boat buyer set. Here you can review and compare our boats from the small, light, agile HR 330STD to the large, spacious HR 610CB. 

The production in Laxå is logistically right on the E20 midway between Stockholm and Gothenburg, the distribution takes place with our own trucks without transshipments, which increases delivery security and security for customers who receive their boat on time.

HR boats - Function, quality and safety.

John HV Lindblom, who designed many of the HR boats, is one of Scandinavia's leading boat designers. He has extensive experience in "boat building" both in Sweden and abroad. 

Above all, he is recognized as a designer and concept solver on both small boats from 15 feet to yachts of 100 feet. The merit list includes leisure boats, professional boats and boats for the Navy.

John HVLindblom has designed the HR 445 STD, HR 442 sc, HR 480SC, HR 532 CC, HR 610CB, HR 460 fishing, HR 600F, HR 602 BR, HR602 CC and HR 480 BR.

HR boats

HR boats are known to have a high resale value due to their durability and popularity in the market. HR boats are therefore an excellent choice for boat owners looking for a reliable and affordable boat with a high resale value.

Lerkils boats is an authorized dealer of HR boats.

Affordable boats, see HR boats price list.

30 years ago, Yamaha started the first tests with the market's most popular outboard boats. The objective was to find the best engine power and propeller for a certain type of boat. Over 600 test runs are documented with Yamaha outboards.

HR boats are fuel efficient, see test results with Yamaha's engines regarding knots and fuel consumption. Link to the test HR boats test.

All boats are certified according to new tougher safety regulations (2017) together with DNV-GL. This has meant that some boat models have had one less person in the maximum load or jumped down a level in classification, all to create greater margins according to the new regulations.

HR Boat Sweden uses modern technology to produce boats that are light, strong and efficient. The boats have a modern and stylish design adapted to today's demands for comfort and areas of use.

Long experience and development have led to boats with good seaworthiness and sea safety so that you feel safe and secure in all weathers.

We want you to feel secure with your boat purchase, which is one of the reasons why we have chosen to cooperate with HR boats, which provides a 3-year guarantee on plastic work. All HR Boats are covered by the three-year warranty, which gives you as a customer peace of mind in your boat purchase. The warranty is an indication of HR Boats' confidence in their boats, and it shows that they are confident that all of their products are built to last year after year. 

This warranty covers all plastic work for three years from the date of purchase, giving you as a customer peace of mind in using the boat without having to worry about any problems.

HR Båtar's customers can feel confident that they are buying a boat that meets high standards for performance, quality and durability. This shows HR Båtar's commitment to deliver boats of the highest quality and gives customers the security that they have made a wise and sustainable boat purchase.

Because HR Boat has its own transport from the factory, they can guarantee better delivery security. No transshipments, which reduces the risk of transport damage and delivery delays.

We mark all HR console boats with the Securmark anti-theft marking system.

A thousand micromarks are sprayed in hidden places in the boat. Each micromark has a unique code that is linked to information about the boat and owner in Securmark's central database. The theft tag is activated when the boat is registered to you as the owner. Activation is free! The warning stickers show that the boat is anti-theft marked with Securmark.

Buy your HR boat in Kungsbacka

Lerkils båtvarv

Lerkils Boatyard founded in 1958

Lerkils Båtvarv sells Askeladden in Kungsbacka but also has many customers from Gothenburg, Varberg and other places in western Sweden.

We have a large range of boat models from well-known boat manufacturers, Cinderella, Bella, Falcon, Pinball, Quicksilver and HR Boat.

We are located south of Gothenburg, north of Varberg and west of Kungsbacka right by the water in Lerkil's harbour. If you are interested in Askeladden Gothenburg, we are only 35 minutes away. We also have an authorized engine workshop for marine engines and carry out reconditioning and repairs of plastic boats.

HR boats models
HR 430 STD

Length: 4.30 m Width: 1.58 m Weight: 150 kg (without engine) Number of people: 4 Max engine: 10 hp

HR 442 SC

Length: 4.46 m Width: 1.88 m Weight: 310 kg (without engine) Number of people: 5 Max engine: 50 hp

HR 445 STD

Length: 4.45 m Width: 1.70 m Weight: 180 kg (without engine) Number of people: 4 Max engine: 20 hp


Length: 4.65 m Width: 1.88 m Weight: 310 kg (without engine) Number of people: 4 Max engine: 50 hp

HR 480 BR

Length: 4.78 m Width: 2.06 m Weight: 450 kg (without engine) Number of people: 5 Max engine: 80 hp

HR 555 BR

Length: 5.32 m Width: 2.17 m Weight: 700 kg (without engine) Number of people: 6 Max engine: 150 hp


Length: ____ m Width: ____ m Weight: ___ kg (without engine) Number of people: __ pcs Max engine: 150 hp

HR 600 F

Length: 6.10 m Width: 2.37 m Weight: 785 kg (without engine) Number of people: 6 Max engine: 115 hp

HR 602 BR

Length: 6.02 m Width: 2.30 m Weight: 750 kg (without engine) Number of people: 7 Max engine: 150 hp

HR 602 CC

Length: 6.02 m Width: 2.30 m Weight: 750 kg (without engine) Number of people: 7 Max engine: 150 hp