falcon båt

FALCON - a boat for everyone!

In a versatile life, you want a boat to be able to be used for day trips, but also last-minute purchases on the other side of the lake. It is the perfect boat if you have a renovation project at the cabin or are building a new cabin so that the boat can show its true colors. Great if the children want to drive around, sunbathe, swim and water ski. And don't forget the fishing trips - people of all ages can enjoy it.

Falcon - for the boat owner's needs

With so many things on the wish list, you have every reason to turn to an experienced boat builder with in-depth knowledge of the industry. In order to acquire a comprehensive understanding of the boat owner's needs and wishes, enough years of experience and miles are required.

Let's think about this from an opportunity and benefits perspective. What do I really want my boat to give me? And what does it take for that to happen? Questions leading directly to Falcon.

Falcon's boat range sounds almost too good to be true. Just the idea of being able to get everything you hope for in an elegant package. No easy task indeed.

Falcon boat - for fishing and pleasure

Made from the finest 5083 aluminum. With only the best technical materials and solutions. Bella-Veneet Oy and Campnou Oy have combined over 40 years of experience in fiberglass boat manufacturing with unique Finnish expertise in aluminum hulls. The boats are manufactured from Falconboats in Finland.

In a Falcon, you can go out on the water even if the weather is anything but perfect. Stabilizing stroke, reinforced keel, functional fore and aft and an efficient hull make boating enjoyable and safe, even when the weather is a bit challenging. Rings in both fore and aft ensure safe and correct transport and facilitate lifting and lowering.

A range of stylish, strong Bow Riders with outboards that flexibly adapt to a variety of needs. The same boat can be used for both commuting and tours as well as for leisure needs, water sports, fishing, and sunbathing. The stable Falcon boats are very easy to maneuver and can handle even tougher tasks.

It really took a while for the perfect boat to appear. With that said, those who wait for something good never wait too long.

Versatility is already considered in the planning phase of all Falcon boats. For recreational anglers, Falcon's standard equipment already makes them an excellent choice. By adding the accessories you desire, you can make the Falcon the perfect fishing boat for your specific needs.

We pay attention to several built-in and integrated solutions that make fishing more comfortable during the manufacturing stage. In addition, the Falcon boats have extensive preparation ready for the installation of accessories, on both sides of the boat as well as at the fore and aft and between the consoles.

As a fisherman, your needs and wishes regarding a boat are naturally determined by how you like to fish. If you usually trailer the boat from water to water, the type of water you usually fish in, how many friends with fishing gear you usually have on board, as well as how you need to drive the boat around when fishing, and so on. Falcon has answers to different types of needs.

Buy your Falcon boat in Kungsbacka

Lerkils båtvarv

Lerkils Boatyard founded in 1958

Lerkils Båtvarv sells Askeladden in Kungsbacka but also has many customers from Gothenburg, Varberg and other places in western Sweden.

We have a large range of boat models from well-known boat manufacturers, Cinderella, Bella, Falcon, Pinball, Quicksilver and HR Boat.

We are located south of Gothenburg, north of Varberg and west of Kungsbacka right by the water in Lerkil's harbour. If you are interested in Askeladden Gothenburg, we are only 35 minutes away. We also have an authorized engine workshop for marine engines and carry out reconditioning and repairs of plastic boats.

Falcon's boats

Falcon BR 5

Length: 5.43 m Width: 2.05 m Weight: 630 kg Number of people: 6 Max engine: 80 hp

Falcon BR6

Length: 5.94 m Width: 2.19 m Weight: 840 kg Number of people: 7 Max engine: 115 hp

Falcon BR7

Length: 6.51 m Width: 2.34 m Weight: 1060 kg Number of people: 7 Max engine: 150 hp

Falcon BR8

Length: 7.06 m Width: 2.60 m Weight: 1300 kg Number of people: 9 Max engine: 300 hp

Falcon BRs 4

Length: 4.90 m Width: 1.98 m Weight: 460 kg Number of people: 5 Max engine: 60 hp

Falcon C7

Length: 6.51m Width: 2.34 m Weight: 1,250 kg Number of people: 7 Max engine: 175 hp