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FLIPPER boats - Sporty with quality

The Flipper takes dynamic, active boaters to all new levels of enjoyment. The heritage of aesthetics and speed, nurtured by famous designers over the decades, is clearly present in all our models. Take it for a leisurely cruise, embark on a longer journey or simply invite friends over for a relaxed evening at the pier – Flipper is an ideal setting for enjoying life in so many ways.

Flipper - the brand

The Flipper brand has always been perceived as youthful and fast. This sends out a clear promise of a break from everyday boredom. The dynamic hull shape, deep windshield angles and other design features prove the point at first glance.

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Flipper - sporty with style and quality

A Flipper boat is special - both when it comes to image and technology. The fiberglass work in the first Flippers impressed, and advanced solutions such as decks made of layered structures are good examples of our ability to impress and stand out. In more ways than one, there is no substitute for a Pinball.

Flipper boats are versatile and suitable for several purposes, they are at heart the driver's boats. They are dynamic, responsive and flexible – driving pleasure at its purest. Flippers are made for those who have a passion for boating. All it takes to convince is a test drive.

Flipper has always been a pioneer in creating unprecedented technical solutions. Solutions that push the boundaries of marine engineering and the science behind enjoyment on the water. Everything is made with a passion for boating.

Flipper boats have unique speed hull designs known for their stiffness, silence and fine handling. All aspects our customers appreciate as they glide through the waves at speeds most others only dream of.

Flipper boats are only equipped with state-of-the-art maritime high technology. System that keeps the driver in control in all situations. The latest navigation features are included with integrated engine information and audio system controls.

Pinball boat and Mercury have been partners for a long time. This shows in the seamless combination of power, speed, and efficiency. All Flipper boat models have a perfectly matched engine and propeller combinations to choose from. This enables optimized fuel consumption, fast acceleration, high top speeds, excellent handling, and low noise levels.


Flipper boats are manufactured by the company Bella-Veneet Oy in Finland. The company is located in the village of Rymättylä in southwestern Finland, which is about 20 km west of the city of Turku (Turku in Finnish). 

Within the Flipper series, they produce sporty day cruisers and motorboats for various purposes, from smaller models such as the Flipper 600 to larger models such as the Flipper 900 ST. Bella-Veneet Oy is one of the largest boat manufacturers in the Nordics and produces approximately 700 boats annually.

Pinball boats have a long and interesting history that began in the 1960s. Originally, the company started as part of the Fiskars group and mainly manufactured fiberglass products. But in 1960 the company began experimenting with making boats in glass fiber reinforced plastic (GRP).

In 1963, Flipper launched its first boat model, the Flipper 420, which was a smaller rowing boat. Soon the company began to develop larger boats and by the 1970s they had established themselves as one of the leading boat manufacturers in Finland.

During the 1980s and 1990s, Flipper continued to grow and expand internationally. The company launched several new models, including day boats, cabin boats and cruiser models. Flipper was known for offering high quality and performance.

In 1991, Brunswick Corporation bought Flipper from the Fiskars Group. Under Brunswick, Flipper continued to develop and launch new models, and in 2009 production moved to Bella-Veneet Oy in Rymättylä, where Flipper is still manufactured today.

Today, Flipper is one of the most well-known and respected powerboat manufacturers in Europe.

Flipper has produced a large number of boat models throughout the ages. Here are some of the most famous and popular models:

Flipper 420 (1963): the first boat model that Flipper produced. It was a smaller rowing boat in fiberglass reinforced plastic.

Flipper 470 (1965): one of the first top sellers for Flipper. It was a small day cruiser with room for up to four people.

Flipper 600 (1972): one of Flipper's most famous models of all time. It was a day cruiser with excellent seaworthiness and performance.

Flipper 640 (1983): a larger day cruiser with room for up to six people. The model became very popular in Europe.

Flipper 760 (1987): a spacious cabin boat with room for up to six people. The model was known for its high quality and comfort.

Flipper 900 DC (1993): a larger day cruiser with room for up to ten people. The model had high performance and was very popular among boat enthusiasts.

Flipper 640 SC (2005): a day cruiser with large sun loungers and a spacious cockpit. The model was known for its ease of use and comfort.

Flipper 880 ST (2007): a luxury cruiser with room for up to six people. The model was known for its high quality and advanced functions, such as joystick control.

These are just some of the many boat models that Flipper has produced over the years. If you see a pinball boat for sale and want to search for more boats and more in-depth information about the various boat models, you can find it here:  flipperbat.se/modelarkiv 

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Lerkils båtvarv

Lerkils Boatyard founded in 1958

Lerkils Båtvarv sells Flipper boats in Kungsbacka but also has many customers from Gothenburg, Varberg and other places in western Sweden.

We have a large range of boat models from well-known boat manufacturers, Cinderella, Bella, Falcon, Pinball, Quicksilver and HR Boat.

We are located south of Gothenburg, north of Varberg and west of Kungsbacka right by the water in Lerkil's harbour. If you are interested in Askeladden Gothenburg, we are only 35 minutes away. We also have an authorized engine workshop for marine engines and carry out reconditioning and repairs of plastic boats.

Flipper boat models
Flipper 650 DC

Length: 6.74 m Width: 2.46 m Weight: 1,050 kg Number of people: 7 Max engine: 200 hp

Flipper 700 DC

Length: 7.17 m Width: 2.48 m Weight: 1,300 kg Number of people: 7 Max engine: 300 hp

Flipper 800 DC

Length: 8.08 m Width: 2.54 m Weight: 1,700 kg Number of people: 7 Max engine: 400 hp

Flipper 900 DC

Length: 9.05 m Width: 3.10 m Weight: 3,100 kg Number of people: 11 Max engine: 600 hp

Flipper 900 ST

Length: 9.02 m Width: 3.15 m Weight: 3,000 kg Number of people: 10 Max engine: 600 hp